Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time to go LIVE!

Well... here goes nothing! I've been busting my butt this summer to put things together for my students for the new school year. I've been creating and being colorful in every way possible to bring soemthing new to the classroom for them and it's about time I start sharing those things with my fellow teachers.

Let's start with what motivates me... This one, "E" (the little red head) and the other, "J" (my little stud)

 They're 11 short months apart and, like any mother, the light of my life. BUT as much as I love them, and my studly husband (who is an Elementary Phys Ed teacher) I need a creative, whacky, fun and sometimes even exhausting outlet. So I teach! I've spent endless hours creating things for my classroom, only to find this super great website where teachers sell the things they have created (GENIUS!) teacherspayteacher.com. So I figured while I'm buying up all of their awesome stuff, I can sell some of my own to try to balance it out. While I'm balancing that cost, I'm also going to need to add in the cost of the two little monsters above to spend 6 weeks a piece in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Both were born extremely premature and to make a long story short.. we're talkin' a 6 figure bill. So here goes nothing! I hope you enjoy all of the colorful and practical tools I use in my own classroom. I also have tabs at the top that will link you to helpful classroom games (all FREE of course) as well as some other helpful teaching tools I have found along the way.

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