Monday, September 24, 2012

Keep that Halloween stuff coming!

In the spirit of cooler weather, and the excitement I get out of making my little monster's halloween costumes. I thought I would post my Halloween Freebie. A simple little costume game, with the fun and minus the dressing up part. We played a game similar to this at a training once and it had everyone cracking up. I simplified it a little to make it kid friendly and now I'm sharing it with you.

Simple instructions: Each student gets the name of a popular Halloween costume taped to their back. They must then figure out who they are by asking classmates only "yes" or "no" questions. They can only ask each student one question before they have to move on and ask someone else. The first student to guess the name on their back gets a little prize. (I have math versions of this game in my TpT store, great practice!) It's easy and can be played over and over. (For younger students, I walk around and help them read the names by whispering it in their ear so they are able to answer questions.) It was fun for adults and I know your students will love it.

On a blogging side note, it took me awhile to find a good website for converting PDF files to JPG or PNG image files. In that search I found this great website called It basically converts any type of file into any other type of file you want. Awesome! And better yet, it e-mails the file to you so you have it to go back to. This is how I post the cover to an item on my blog, then I just add a link to my store where you can download it. You're welcome. :)

Have a great monday! And WELCOME to all of my new followers!

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