Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hurry up Halloween!

I'm trying to rush Halloween. I'm ready for it. It is one of my favorite holidays, possibly #1 favorite. But then again I say that before every holiday. I don't usually have time to post twice in a day, but I had to share two things.

First, my "Wine Witch". My favorite decoration. She's taller than my 2 year old and of course she doesn't go to school with me. Only in spirit. I got her at Marshall's two years ago and she was worth every single penny.

Next is my "Halloween Party Mega Pack". As teachers, I know we all try to incorporate learning into every activity, then mix in a little fun. But sometimes it's fun to just be fun. Even student's mind deserve a break every now and then. I created this Halloween Mega Pack to put some fun into our Halloween party this year, and to let the learning rest for a day (well maybe just half a day). It includes:
1.  A student activity booklet (ok, I couldn't resist including an alphabet match in there)
2. 2 Easy food crafts recipes/instructions
3. 2 Halloween poems
4. 2 crafts (templates included)
5. 2 Halloween games (Instructions)
It's a one stop shop to making your Halloween party a breeze. The best part is, make a few copies, hand them out to your classroom volunteers and they can handle the rest. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow for any classroom helper. Enjoy!
(On a side note I'm making my munchkin's costumes again this year. Last year they were pirates, complete with a pirate ship. Big shoes to fill this year!)
Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you're breaking out your decorations too!
Mrs. Nutter


  1. Love the wine witch! I need one for my mom! :)
    Great Halloween pack.

  2. Thanks! I will see if she has any type of label on her when I get home today. Maybe you can pick one up too!

  3. Just started following you! Your blog is looking great! :)

  4. That is too cute! Also, I LOVE the look of your blog, it just might be the most gorgeous one I've see. You can't go wrong with teal chevron :) I just became a follower of your blog and pinterest boards. I hope you can follow me back at I'm so excited to see what your blog has in store!

  5. Lita Lita - Sadly, my sassy little witch has no tag of any sort. I even tried Googling it for you, and still nothing. :( I thought Google could find anything.

    Tamaralynn - THanks so much! I am obsessed with Teal and Coral right now. I completely filled my closet with it this summer (along with some grey) and now I feel like it's all I wear everyday. But I'm ok with that! Heading over to check out your blog. Thanks for following!

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