Thursday, September 27, 2012

I need structure!

Hey everyone! Last night I was talking with my husband about TpT (or TcK, TkD, TmC... and all the other names he has given it because TpT is just too much for him to remember) and my blog came up in the discussion. He asked about it, what it is, and what I talk about. I started listing the things I have posted about and all of the ideas I have for future posts and he just stared at me... no response. He said I lost him as soon as my mouth started moving (typical). Now, I will say, never in a million years did I expect him to be able to follow what I was saying. He's an elementary Phys Ed teacher, a total meathead and the farthest thing from a "blogger" to exist. But it did dawn on me that maybe my ideas are all over that map and I need to contain myself with a little structure. Which, perfect for me, I LOVE structure. So, I put together a blog schedule of what I will be posting about. I have a set topic for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so you know exactly what to expect from me. So here it is:
This is how I have it worked out in my head. I love three things: eating, websites that make my life easier, and free stuff. I think we can all agree those are very loveable things. I left Tuesday and Thursdays open in case I have something random to share.

Munchy Mondays: My husband is also a personal trainer, so healthy eating is always on the agenda at our house (although we don't always stick to that plan). And packing lunch can get so boring. Here's the kicker I DO NOT like sandwiches. Gross. So I'm always looking for something new, healthy and easy to eat for my packed lunches. On Monday's I will share with you some of our favorite healthy recipes, perfect for school lunches.

Webby Wednesday: I recentely shared with you (If you haven't checked that out, go now, and then come back. You won't regret it.) I realized from your responses that I may have a long list of fun websites you haven't heard of. So I'll be sharing those on Wednesdays.

Freebie Friday: It's just that. Links to free stuff from me, other TpT sellers or just the wonderful world wide web (does anyone actually call it that anymore?).

Now you know what day will be your favorite day to stop by. Hopefully you check out all of them though ;)

I'll start next week! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I think that sounds like a fabulous idea! Good luck with it!
    Crazy About First Grade

  2. LOL! My hubby totally doesn't get my blog either! I love the idea of learning about some healthy lunches - I am not a big sandwich person either - but I really don't want to eat junk instead! Looking forward to it!