Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Read! Read! Read! {Webby Wednesday}

Hi everyone! I was readdyy for this Wednesday. I wanted to share one of my favorite websites with you., have you been to it? If not, it's a must! I found it last year in a desperate search for more reading resources for my Title I reading students. The library in our school was put in half way through the year so books were in short supply around here. This website is stuffed full of free books you can read online. You can enlarge the book to the size of your computer screen and click to turn the pages. It will literally add TONS of books to your classroom library without taking up space. You do have to create a free account, but thats easy. Here's a look at their homepage:

And their library of books....
You really can't beat free books. And because I love so much... I just created a Thanksgiving lesson around one of the books found in their library. The book is called "T is for Turkey" (just click that title to go straight to it  or you can just search for it in their search box). The lesson itself focuses on fluency, writing and comprehension, of course. (I'm a Title I teacher. I can't help but run to fluency activities). The lesson is based around this Thanksgiving read aloud about the "real thanksgiving story". I have included a Readers Theater script that would make for an adorable little Thanksgiving show for parents or neighboring classrooms. Also included is an A-Z book where students can practice writing and coming up with their own Thanksgiving-y words for their book. And can't forget the colorful letter cards for students to hold up as they read their part in the Readers Theater. Readers Theater is an excellent way to promote fluency in your little readers. As always, it is Common Core aligned. I hope you check it out!
Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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