Monday, October 15, 2012

Healthy and Tart {Munchy Monday}

The weather has been so cold and gloomy lately. I love the cool breeze but I need a little pick me up. So this week I wanted to bring you a great snack to give your school day a little pick me up. For a long time I have been putting lime or lemon juice on my apple slices when I pack them for lunch. The citrus keeps the apples from browning (a little tip if you're serving sliced apples at a party). And the lime flavor adds a little zing to my plain apples. I found a great alternative on the "Raw Apple Snack"
Easy Easy! Juice a lemon and an orange into a bowl. Slice your apples nice and thin (like in the picture), soak the apples in the orange/lemon juice and stick them in the refrigerator. To keep them fresh, I would suggest slicing your apples in the morning before you leave, but you can juice the lemon and orange the night before.  Tart, yummy and healthy!!

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