Thursday, October 18, 2012

A little Discount {Webby Wednesday}

Wednesday! Where did you go?? In my defense, we cancelled school on Monday (YES!) due to a power outage so I have been a little off schedule. I was in Tuesday mode yesterday and totally missed my Webby Wednesday post.

TpT has been a blessing to my family but I could still use all of the discounts I can get! So today I bring to you: These girls have put together an awesome website STUFFED full of discounts. And not the kind of discounts where you say "Oh yea great, another coupon for something I will never use." They don't just bring coupons to the table, they also highlight great specials and sales at some of the best stores.  Today, I bring to you their "Teacher Discount" page.

This is a long list of stores and websites that offer discounts for teachers. Just a little tip: make sure you read the "comments" section. Some of their readers have left additional discount tips. :)
Speaking of saving, does anyone have a website that would save me time on entering grades?? I could really use it today!
Have a fabulous day!!